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Let’s Elect A Judge for Families:
Compassionate, Consistent, and Committed.


Integration of technology to help attorneys and all families who need access to the court


Listen with discernment and responding with compassion to apply the law with fairness


A reputation of hundreds of Harris county family law cases in all 11 family courts representing families from every walk of life for 12 years.


Meet Lillian

Lillian Henny Alexander was born in Houston, TX and graduated from Louisiana State University. Lillian is a 2011 graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law (TSU). As a family law attorney, she has repeatedly been named to the list of Top Women Family Lawyers in Texas.


Lillian Henny Alexander has handled hundreds of family law cases in Harris County and the surrounding counties.

She is also a proud member of Texas Bar College.


Support Our Campaign

Lillian Henny Alexander would be the first African American elected to the 507th District Court. Help us make history for modern families with an experienced candidate.

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